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At pinkwhy you’ll find the freshest works of true contemporary kings and queens of the game and the most promising players of the urban street art scene from all over the globe. Get your daily fix of dope artworks for all your devices now.

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Download your favourite artworks for your mobile devices, use them in your next business meeting or enjoy your personal favorites whenever you want to.

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Go live from a stunning gallery atmosphere and impress your business partners and co-workers with jaw-dropping backgrounds in your next video conference.

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Let’s be honest: You spend most of your time infront of a computerscreen, tablet or smartphone. Why not treat yourself with your favorite visuals to beautify the screentime?

Surrounding yourself with images you love sparks your inspiration, increases your efficiency, and simply makes you feel better.

That’s three good reasons to make your device look nice and support your favorite artists at the same time. And yourself too.

pinkwhy - your no. one source for graffiti

Surf through the streets.

Surf through the streets.

Make every search a beautiful experience

Browsers and search engines are your gateway to almost every online activity. Why not personalize your startpages with your favorite styles from your favorite artists? With Pinkwhy you can now browse the web while keeping an eye to the streets.

Oh yes, browsing just became streetsmart!

pinkwhy - your no. one source for urban art

No more messy backdrops.

Your important business is about to begin and you realize your place is a total mess.

Why not simply teleport yourself to a place that represents you much more than your untidy apartment? Make your meetings more MOMA and impress your business partners and co-workers with jaw-dropping backgrounds in your next video conference.

Download your favourite artworks for your mobile devices, use them in your next business meeting or enjoy your personal favorites whenever you want to.

Your business needs a visual upgrade.

Your business needs a visual upgrade.

Whether you want to equip your company’s screens with artwork licenses for your employees or you run a hotel business and rethink your Infotainment screen opportunities – we’ve got you covered.

Wherever there are screens in use, you can make them work for you. Make bold visual statements, improve your company’s communication and level up your customers’ experiences. Sign in for our newsletter and find out what fits for your enterprise. We constantly update our business cases.

There is more to see on your TV.

Let’s say you run a hotel with 100 rooms. Or a hospital with 250 beds. You could own a cruise company or an airline – wherever there are screens, there are viewers with individual tastes.

A perfect chance for you to interact with your clients. We all know, that offering a TV program nowadays is just not enough. Instead, your screens can perfectly be used as a welcome screen with individualized messages or customized artwork.

But you could also let your customers decide upon what they want their screens to show while they feel home at your place. Sign in for our newsletter and find out what fits for your enterprise. We constantly update our business cases. beautiful & conversion driven templates.

pinkwhy - your no. one source for urban art

pink? why?'s our story

Have you ever purchased a mastertape of a music song, a movie or a manuscript of a book? You always purchase a copy.
Why should it be different when it comes to art?

pinkwhy started almost 14 years ago trading artworks for the first time on behalf of my graffiti art friends who started their careers studying graphic design, photography or arts. 

We all had our roots in graffiti when we where teenagers in the 1990s. The typical graffiti career started like back in the days in the streets of the Bronx and overall train yards in New York city: Writing our names on walls, trains and where else. 

And we had done our first experiences with customers, either doing commissioned graffiti artworks on walls, garages or canvases. Deep down there was another experience what challanged us. Defining a price for our artworks and to negotiate that price with the customers. Some of us where better on being creative, others on organizing, and others on dealing with customers and negotiating. As a teenager every money you earn makes you happy. We traded ourselves under value, but still where the kings with our own earned money in our pockets. Shortly later we figuered out what it means testing customers. We hung stupidly high price tags on canvases. And supringsingly got the money. We learned that a specific group of our customers are doctors, lawyers, managers, business owners etc. and that they like to be around art while having almost no clue or deeper understanding of art. They are in need of art to enhance their prestige, then and now. Unfortunately, most of them had no idea about graffiti and the Hip Hop culture.

Nevertheless, dealing with those customers was sometimes hell of fun but time-intensive. At the end, the time invested to make a deal ate all the margin to make a living for us dealers and the artists. The brutal reality kicked in when we excelled the number of artworks to be sold within a specific time to make a living. The numbers didn’t fit. We where still below a magic price sphere defined by gallerists. To get in there was hard as we had no credibility or renomee in this sphere. Customers started talking more about artworks as an investment, then of the artwork itself. We decided to stay more in the field of making people happy with artworks. Some of them turned into real fans of the artists and their artworks. Still, most of them where average people like us with average income. 

With the rise of the internet and smart phones in the 2000s, the idea was born to sell artworks on the internet. Most customers had a clear idea of what kind of artwork they want to purchase. They knew the size the artwork should have as it should fit on the wall and the room; the maximum price they want to spent; colours to fit the room atmosphere; and sometimes a specific genre. 

At the same time we started organizing small exhibtions for our artist friends. They didn’t like to do that all on their own. And they needed support. Friends and fans followed the invitations and liked to be around the artists and their artworks. Next we figured out that more and more people photgraphed the exhibtioned artworks. Asked about why, the arguments ranged from:

a)    I can not afford the artwork!
b)    I can afford the artwork, but I don’t want to!
c)     I don’t know where to hang it in my appartment or office!
d)    What to do with the artwork in five years when I am oversaturated seeing one and the same artwork all the time?
e)    I want to have the artwork as a screen saver or wall paper on my smartphone or tablet display.
f)      Later one more argument was added: I want to make use of the TV-screen when not watching actively. 

The same habit we experienced shortly later on major art fairs such as Art Cologne etc. and the arguments where the same. No matter how wealthy the photographers were.

Hence the question arose, why not selling physical or digital replicas of the artwork to satisfy other customer groups instead of focusing on selling the original artwork to rich collectors and lose further revenues? Or maybe connecting both options?

With this approach we started to challenge the world. And faced a tough decade. More then just a bunch of die-hard fans, but still not being an essential part of the global art market. We means a loose network of artists and friends. Some approached connected, some as individuals. Some of our befriended artists gained international popularity such as Tasso MaClaim; and grew beyond typical graffiti where the spray can is the tool to create the artwork. We wanted and still want to disrupt the art market. On behalf of the many fantastic artists out there. To create new revenues to make a living and a to support them building a career. And to provide artworks to art lovers for different needs. 

Bauhaus Campus
Dessau-Rosslau / Germany
April 2022

Ready for some NFTy business?

Why is everybody so excited about NFT?

Because it’s sending shockwaves through the artmarket. Artists have more control about original fine art than ever. Collectors have never had so many opportunities to invest in art than today. We at Pinkwhy totally embrace this paradigm shift. We are convinced that reclaiming the selling power through NFT creations empowers the artists. Plus, we believe that NFT holders never had more fun collecting and dealing original artworks. That’s why we are open to all cases: Towards creating artists and NFT holders.

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